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what is a art gallery?

An art gallery was created to build an online site for a small group of artists.  It can be open to other artists. If there is an artist that has pictures of the art work, they can post them in the online art gallery. You can bring for show any paintings, artistic photos, or anything related to art. If you want to sell your art, there’s a way for possible buyers to communicate directly with the artist.
Some people as why is art so important? Art is an important part of people’s lives, as it stirs the mind. It also gives one the chance to explore their creative side. Art in any form also notifies, entertains, instructs and educates people in all possible ways. It gives the meaning of everything that is visible and without art; life would basically become boring, lifeless and plain. Through art, people can express their emotions, such as love, happiness, sadness or sorrow.

functions of art

The non-motivated commitments of art are those that are essential to being human, exceed the individual, or do not fulfill a specific outside purpose. Art, is something humans must do by their very nature, and is then beyond value.

  • •Basic human instinct for harmony, balance, rhythm
  • •Experience of the mysterious
  • •Expression of the imagination
  • •Ritualistic and symbolic functions 


motivated functions of art

Motivated determinations of art refer to planned, mindful actions on the part of the artists or creator. They consist of the following:

  • •Communication
  • •Art as entertainment
  • •The Avante-Garde. Art for political change. 
  • •Art as a "free zone"
  • •Art for social inquiry, subversion and/or anarchy 
  • •Art for social causes 
  • •Art or psychological and healing purpose. 
  • •Art for propaganda, or commercialism


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Defining What Art Is Fort Lauderdale

Defining What Art Is Fort Lauderdale

What Art Is Fort Lauderdale

Defining What Art Is Fort Lauderdale

What Art Is Fort Lauderdale

Defining What Art Is Fort Lauderdale

What Art Is Fort Lauderdale

Defining What Art Is Fort Lauderdale

What Art Is Fort Lauderdale

Defining What Art Is Fort Lauderdale

What Art Is Fort Lauderdale